Saaberie Chishty Dawah Centre


20th January 2008

Situated at:

7073 Drieziek 3
Orange farm

Reason for Establishment:

This division has solely being created to supply sound Islamic knowledge to the Muslim youth. It is a centre in which propagation of the Deen of Islam takes place daily.


Till June 2009 more than 100 people have accepted the religion of Islam.

Latest Project:

The Saaberie Chishty Dawah Centre has begun a Pre-Class in the mornings in order to educate learners from a young age about Islam.

Feeding Project:

The Dawah centre feeds over 200 learners and people lunch everyday. In addition they feed over 200 Muslims lunch every Jumah.

Latest Relief Operation:

The Saaberie Chishty Society have given each learner and many underprivileged residents blankets and warm hats.

Monthly Programme:

The Saaberie Chishty Dawah Centre hosts a family day on a monthly basis. On most occasions people enter into the fold of Islam after the family Dawah day. On this day all present are served with lunch.

Number of Staff:

5 Educators

Number of Learners:

Approximately 200


Saaberie Chishty Masjid

Langar Khana:

A Soup Kitchen named Baba Fareed Langar was established

Brief Summary:

Classes begin at 14H30 and continue right up until 17H00. The subjects taught during that period include Quraan, Hifz, History, Fiqh, Tajweed, and Aqaaid. Testing is administered throughout the year on a quarterly basis.

Urgent Future Plans:

  • To purchase the land
  • To put up a proper permanent structure
  • To establish a proper Islamic Library
  • To purchase a kombi for transportation.
  • Paving or Tarring of the Centre

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