More than a Sacrifice

Qurbani, Udhiyah or the sacrificing of livestock which commemorates Hazrat Ebrahim A.S devotion to Allah and his Commands is carried out on the blessed day of Eid-Ul-Adha.

Our Muslim community are often questioning which farm to choose, which sacrificial animal to select, what budget to allocate and how best to go about fulfilling this Ibaadah.

Saaberie Chishty has long been conducting Qurbani projects as far back as the year 1980.

Through the collective efforts of the Saaberie Chishty Society Organisation members, people in the distant regions of Tanzania, India and Malawi have been the beneficiaries of the meat from the sacrificial animals.

In fulfilling the Commands of the Almighty and under the supervision of trusted Ulema with whom we often partner with, animals are sacrificed on your behalf before being cautiously distributed to the underprivileged and poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Meat from the sacrificial animals reaches those who have barely eaten for months on end, those who sleep hungry and eagerly await a meal.

The meat from the Qurbani conducted by us is a means of survival for thousands across the world and our initiatives are direly anticipated by these recipients at this time of the year.

The current pandemic has provided yet another reason to consider contactless Qurbani as an option. Covid19 has compelled us to become flexible and adaptable and we’ve risen to the challenge. By entrusting us with your Qurbani, you can be rest assured that your ritual is being carried out correctly as per the Shariah.

You can also enjoy a heartwarming feeling knowing that you have lit a face, filled a tummy and made a difference to someone less fortunate.


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