The Saaberie Chishty Youth Society derives its name from a Sufi Spiritual Order.

Named after its founder, the Muslim Saint Hazraat Saabir Paak ( Sheikh Sayed Alauddin Ali-Ahmed Saabir R.A), whose tomb is situated at Kalyar Shareef Rurkie, Nothern India.

Piran Kaliyar Sharif, of Alauddin Sabir (Roorkee, India).

Piran Kaliyar Sharif, of Alauddin Sabir (Roorkee, India).

The Saabri Silsila is a major branch of the Chishtiya order that was spread in Asia by the famous Khwaja Gharibun-Nawaaz (Sheikh Sayed Muinuddin Hassan Sanjari R.A) whose shrine at Ajmer Shareef in Rajistaan India is the site of the second largest gathering of Muslims in the world, annually.

The commitment and dedication of it’s members towards Almighty Allah through service to humanity, has blossomed into a society that operates in ten important services of our community contributing towards the achievement of an Islamic life.

Words cannot express our gratitude for the continued support of the public over the years. Your generosity has seen the growth from a single burial society into a multi-facet organisation which includes a welfare division providing for the destitute and needy, a madressa for the promotion of Islamic education, a masjid that promotes the true Islamic way of life, a research council that promotes understanding and Knowledge of the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jamaat, a Zia-ul-Uloom (an institute for higher Islamic Education) preparing future Huffaz and Ulama, and an Ambulance service that is on call 24 hours of the day for all the people of Lenasia and surrounding areas.

Saaberie Chishty Winter Warm Campaign

Saaberie Chishty Winter Warm Campaign

Annually the society performs Qurbani in poverty stricken areas of Africa. The severe winter of 2006 and the plea of the homeless and destitute started Winter Warm Campaign in providing them with blankets and warm clothes.

All the above activities are possible through the public and well wishers kind generosity, together with the blessings from our Pir-O-Murshid and the help of Allah.

The society thanks the community for the kind and generous support in the past and trust that this will continue in the future. The society’s survival depends on the grace of Allah and upon your generous contribution and kindness.

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