Established in:


Situated at:

Saaberie Chishty Centre, Cnr Oak and Gum Crescent, Extension 6, Lenasia

Reason for Establishment:

This service has been rendered since the inception of this sector against the backdrop of the Apartheid era when Health and Emergency Services were offered on an inequitable basis. During this era, areas such as Lenasia, Lenasia South, Eldorado Park, Ennerdale, Informal Settlements and other surrounding areas received little or no medical facilities.

Source of Funding:

Since the sector’s inception the Society has embarked on numerous ventures to source this service. These ventures ranged from stage shows, concerts, an annual bazaar, the latest a banquet.

Monthly Calls on Average:

400, of which 80% of calls are destitute cases requiring funding to cover costs.

“He who has saved one life, is regarded as if he saved the entire mankind” – Al Quraan

Alhamdulillah, Saaberie Chishty can proudly say that thus far the Ambulance Service is an asset for the community of Lenasia, surrounding areas as well as the informal settlements.

The society employs qualified paramedics and it is fully operational 24 hours a day. It has a radio controlled communications system. The Ambulance responds to approximately 400 calls monthly. This service is not subsidised by any government department. It still depends on generous contributions from the public and fund raising events.

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