Established in:


Situated at:

Cnr. Oak and Gum Crescent
Extension 6

Reason for Establishment:

This has been built to offer the Muslim community of Lenasia a facility for salaat.

Source of Funding:

The funding comes from weekly collections after the Jummah salaat and random donations. The funds collected are utilized to maintain the Masjid.

Number of Staff:

3 Imams, 1 Muazzin.

Officially opened on the 4th November 1990 by his eminence Hazrat Sayed Abdur Rahman Shasab (R.A). The Saaberie Chishty Masjid is the third largest in Lenasia with a capacity of 800 worshipers and space for an additional 200 ladies upstairs- having a separate entrance and wudhu (ablution) facilities- allows convenience during Nikah’s and other religious occasions held at the centre.

Moulana Sayed Yusuf, Qari Zahid Ahmed Zahidi, and Hafiz are the Imaams of the Masjid, Brother Moosa Bale is the Muazzin and is responsible for the cleaning of the interior of the Masjid while sister Rookaya ensures that the bathrooms, ablution facilities and toilets are kept clean at all times.

Every Tuesday night after Esha Salaah Mehfil-e-Zikar is held. The Masjid also has special programmes on auspicious nights including Shabe Baraat, Meraj, Ashura, Meelad and Gyarwin Shariff. During the first ten nights of Muharram a multi speaker Islamic conference is held at the Masjid. Talks based on the Quraan and Sunnah is conducted by the Ulema. These talks are brief, informative and interesting.

A humble request is made to all to participate in these activities. It will surely enhance your education about Islam and will be benefit both in this world and the hereafter.

We trust that you will generously contribute towards the maintenance and upkeep of this beautiful Masjid.

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